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Committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed. PDF Print E-mail

Dedicated to companies between 1-100 employees, we understand the needs of small and medium-sized businesses that require solutions evolving as their needs change.

We have taken the next step in communication and customer education & support by providing the Openfountain Community with new forms of audio and video content.

Podcasting (delivering internet audio content) and Vodcasting (delivering internet video content) allow us to communicate via rich media messages, not only making content more attractive and powerful, but also enabling a more personal conversation with audiences.

Customer education & support are improved as well, since we can now demonstrate key product usage points via online video, providing content in a format, which can easily demonstrate everything we need to convey to customers.

Media room access is open to any registered Openfountain member. (for registration click here )

Media Room is the place to go for sharing :

  • Press releases in audio or video
  • Latest informations, news and analysis
  • Video from industry leaders
  • Audio interviews from customers, solutions providers, manufacturers
  • Video demonstrations of products
  • Online trainings and tutorials