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focus on doing what you do best: winning and serving customers
Focus on doing what you do best.

Focus on your core business. Every business has limited resources, and every manager has limited time and attention. We can help your business to shift its focus from peripheral activities toward work that serves the customer.
We help you to free up time and money to focus on core business issues, providing a one-stop-shop and advisory services for small businesses that lack the resources to invest in a full-time it staff.
Control capital costs
Free activation and fixed monthly fee.

We offer solutions that could be up and running within hours with no upfront capital investment needed, no setup fee, no software fee, no lock-in fee, no exit fee, neither contract term commitment.
We charge a fixed monthly fee based on the number of users, helping you to lower and more tightly control your IT costs through predictable payments

OpenFountain helps you to convert fixed costs into variable costs, to release capital for investment elsewhere in your business, and to allow you to avoid large expenditures in the early stages of your business.

We can also make your firm more attractive to investors, since you're able to pump more capital directly into revenue-producing activities.
Enterprise-ready applications
Enterprise-ready applications

We provide managed Infrastructure Solutions for most application areas:
o Collaboration/Groupware/Communication
o Document and Content Management
o VoIP and Telephony
We provide computer-based services to SME for the following Business-ready Applications :

o CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
o ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
o E-Commerce
o Analytics, Reporting and Data Warehousing
o Knowledge Management/eLearning
o Office and Client Applications

As the number and complexity of applications grow, application management, maintenance, and development are consuming an exceptional amount of time and resources. To ensure availability, improve performance levels, and support mission-critical tasks, more and more businesses recognize the importance of professionally managing, integrating, and enhancing their application portfolios. OpenFountain ensures that your business applications are available where and when the business needs them. This enables you to focus on doing what you do best -- winning and serving customers -- instead of struggling with IT.
Control capital costs
Hassle Free contract.

We offer a no-strings-attached service level and charge a fixed monthly fee based on the number of users, helping you to lower and more tightly control your IT costs through predictable payments.
Terminating services is hassle-free since there are no contracts to maintain. If you consider we don't perform as expected, you simply don't pay !

OpenFountain is that simple : you create an account on day 1 and first payment is due on day 30th. If we don't receive your first payment by day 60th we simply terminate the service without further action.

In other words, if an account is delinquent for 30 days, OpenFountain reserves the right to suspend the account and terminate Service immediately.
Simplified technology
Simplified technology.

No server required, no middleware, no software license, OpenFountain assembles all the pieces together for delivering business-ready applications to your desktop.
A common web browser and dial-up or broadband IT connection are required to access your web-based applications, from anyplace at anytime.

All selected business applications will be installed and all related data will be stored on your private server partition at

Create your account right now, get a free activation and see by yourself how effective are OpenFountain Solutions !

We manage your technology so you can manage your business